vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

A cryptoforest more beautiful than the Samothrace

Here is a tiny little cryptoforest that I first went out to take pictures of at the day I also did the car park. Most of the photos were blurry so I returned today and the pics below are taken on these two visits. 

This is a triangular wooded area at the back of the student flats that opens the Overvecht ensemble of high rises. It's next to a basketball court, a carpark and the rail track is only a fence and a blackberry thicket away.
What strikes me most is the uncouthness of this cryptoforest. It must have started out as a lawn with a few planted trees. When the willows took over the municipal mowers became ineffective. At first they tried to manage the willows (there is ample evidence of removed branches) but eventually they just gave up. The startling amount of litter added to the sense of abandonment.

I know I say this everytime but I found this cryptoforest to be a very special place, with unique elements and with a unique feel to it. I wish I could live here. 

Enigmatic for this cryptoforest.

A Christmas tree.

Hard to see: but it's a holly.

Look at the symmetry of that!

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  1. I think you will like this place
    Maybe it is a cryptoforest, maybe not...

  2. Hey, did you hear? The great god Pan is dead.