donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Psychogeography needs a zine! Call for Submissions!!

[17 november deadline update]

Yesterday and the day before, (and today as well) I came across several fascinating field reports of psychogeographic drifts. I would love to bring these together with a staple in the middle, so it's possible to rediscover them between your other stuff ten years from now. 
let's do it!

Take a look at the Wiki to see a list of (possible) contributors, add links to whatever you think you should be included.


email your field reports to wilfriedhoujebek, yahoo, com (fill in dots and @'s at the appropriate locations.)
Deadline? Half November. I want to include a field report of an upcoming walk on 27 November and this means the deadline is at the end of November.   

Thank you, this will be great.

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