vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Another guide to plants & trees

The most persistent effect of globalization will be biological, not economical. With that in mind my goal is to learn enough to visit some overgrown field or cryptoforest and be able to see it as a floral portmanteau that brings together species from around the world, each telling about a specific story of exploration, travel, management and adaptation. In that effort (on the cheap) I have blindly purchased a 1980 pocket in mint condition for a paltry fifty eurocent. It turns out to be a perfectly structured teaching book for the novice plant spotter. It begins by telling you what to look for (the two middle pictures) and continues with orderly pre-sorted categories that make it easy to look up the name. It is an old book and I have spotted the absence of certain pervasive weeds (Hockweed, Red Valerian, Japanede Knotweed, perhaps indicative of a changed landscape of weeds?) but it will certainly be of use. 

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