Psychogeographic Field Reports [The Zine] (2011)

The Psychogeographic Field Reports is a collection of psychogeographic field reports. There is one from 2005, three from 2010 and nineteen from 2011. A proper editor would probably have added a two-thousand word preface explaining contemporary psychogeography as a battleground between radical nostalgia and defeatist politics of landscape, while defending it against the eros/anal/tantric obsessions of deep topographers, edge land romanticists and other brokers of psychogeographic derivatives. But fuck that! Psychogeography can't be sub-primed!!

Psychogeographic Field Reports has 40 pages of text, almost 20.000 words, entries are sorted by original publication date and Times-New Roman is used throughout.

Thanks to all contributors of the Psychogeographic Field Reports:

Psychogeographic Field Reports = sold out!

Mark Patrick Oughton's submission is a video report on the psychogeography on Winckley Square and Preston Bus Station. It can be viewed here:

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