maandag 31 oktober 2011

Psychogeographical publications from the future: Six

The date given for the publication #4 of 'Transgressions, a journal of urban exploration' is spring 1998 and this probably means that I purchased it a year later at Camden's Compendium bookstore when I was in London for the 10 Days in Space festival organized by the Association of Autonomous Astronauts. This magazine ticks all the boxes of that time: magico-marxism (!, where has it gone), primitivism, the AAA, Luther Blissett, Stewart Home when he could still be taken serious, The LPA's Fabian Tompsett, Angry Brigade's John Barker reviewing Tom Vague's book on the AB, psychogeo field reports, Asger Jorn and rock art. What more could you possible want? This was psychogeography as it was before 2000: exclusively used and understood in activist/anarchist/left-wing Marxist terms. This is not by definition a good thing because the overall tone is one of sectarian self-righteousness gift wrapped in academically sanctified forms. 

Sometimes I check ebay to see if any of the other 4 issues are for sale, but nobody wants to flog them. 

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