vrijdag 30 september 2011

Abandoned car park

If I remember correctly this used to be the parking space to the offices of one of the larger Dutch construction and building firms. Now the company has moved elsewhere and a few students are living there to prevent it from being squatted. I love the silence and privacy I found here. Hidden behind the huge building, it's longest angle sheltered by vegetation and fences from the railway tracks there was only the sound of the wind in the trees to keep me company. 

The car park is only in its first stage of being reclaimed by nature: the plants that grow through the cracks are only just beginning the upset the paving, the blackberry, that fast and furious colonist, was only coming through at two places. Give it another year and this place will be fantastic and I hope it will get that time of abandonment. Wild urban nature is a much better use for space than the millionth car park. 

Water creates vegetational hotspots.

Does anybody knows what this plant is called?

A lone blackberry snakes ahead.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. love the snaking blackberry photo!

  2. Beautiful pictures.
    Could it be evening primrose?

  3. The plants look like something from Day of The Triffids :)