woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Weed fields for ever... [the Little Eden of Overvecht]

If it wasn't for a sense of (duh...) professional obligation I would have left this overgrown Overvecht field, hidden by trees and apathy, to its own devices (it's a not a forest!) but I am glad I didn't. Boredom is a figment of the imagination, a marketing ploy to make you purchase its antidote:  being the first to leave a trail and to be the apparent only one to discover variety and diversity where monocultural hooligan greens are at first sight wielding their weaponry and genitalia in your legs and face is one of the greatest joys of life. Maybe there was a towerblock here first but now it's overgrown to nipple height with what seemed a three-plant-tyranny of nettles, thistles and yarrow but as I criss-crossed through the vegetation I soon found an amazing patterning with edge effects where giant hogweeds and witchy clusters of willows grew happy, but also a subfields with reeds and ordinary grasses clearly demarcated and patches of other colour amidst the dominant plants. WOW!

This is not a weed field but a 'little eden'; a hotspot for urban edibles, a foraging commons, an example of transition dada agriculture.       

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