maandag 22 augustus 2011

Picturing the forest with Loic Thisse

I have long believed that a talent for photography is similar to the talent for having excessive toenail growth. Recent experience has made me revise this and I regret to say that yes! photography is indeed a skill that some people have developed to admirable heights. On this blog I attempt to keep a record of the cryptoforests that I find and I try to use the simple pocket camera that I borrow from my partner to capture the scenes that strike me most, but the images never come out right

Personal failure explains my new found appreciation of someone like French photographer Loic Thisse who does know how to photograph a forest. My response when I first saw them was: these could be my pictures if I knew how to do it like this. Thisse's pictures often show untended landscapes that are not wild but in waiting for the human hand to change them, they speak of silence and gloom, but with a contention that this are good landscapes. 

What's more: his twitter feed is a good source of forest photography all round: like this.

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