maandag 30 mei 2011

Forage Psychogeography is Here

Everybody who writes knows the sensation of being lost in your own words, of having said already a great deal but knowing that there is great deal left unsaid. In the struggle to get the unsaid into words many texts are abandoned or silenced before seeing the light of day. A writer like Coleridge could never cope with the fact that all writing is incomplete and never wrote a proper book as a result. This is why I use the strategy of publishing drafts: it allows for feedback, it brings the focus of an immediate audience but is also provides the space to push doubt, uncertainty and better arguments into the future for later remission.

My 'What is forage psychogeography?' attempts to tell in full the implicit story that this blog develops as links, quotes and half-assed observations accumulate. This is the fifth draft and it marks an substantial advance on the previous four. I found myself writing down things that I first tried to formulate when I started my 'career' in psychogeography ten years ago. It is not finished but it is there. I am not saying it is any good,  just that I worked very hard on it.

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