zaterdag 14 mei 2011

3 Spells by the pseudo Marubo Shaman-Goth

Song 1

I am the first one
That part of me which is blue
Tells of blue snakes
It is speaking of certain truths
& of my dick
I speak
I am the first one
We descend from shamans
We are the children of jaguar-people
We are twigs of jaguar-tree
The place of blood
Creates the demon-child
The blood of bird-person
The place of blood
& to teach is to create
When the last word is spoken
This is what I think
This is what I say
I am dead
I am dead
But I will come back in better shape
Ahhhhhh! This is what I had to say! Ahhhhh!

Song 12.

My body has changed
My head is fly-demon
My teeth are jaguar-demons
My teeth are beyond my control
My body is crooked
And my sisters
Use the foam
Of demon-herbs
To paint my back
& I go dancing
Along sun-paths
Along downward paths
Downwards I walk

Song 15.

I am the first one
I will become the açaí-demon
Above us are clouds
Racing through the sky
This is as it has always been

The shape of demon-keeper
The leaves of tree-demons
Those leaves rustle
They remind me of a swarm of bird-demons
Countless of them are moving
They are the same
While I am singing
I suck from my lips
The juice of tobacco
Ahhhhhh! I say! Ahhhhhhh!
I am the first one
Whom with fresh leafs
Has his chest
Adorned with images
The geometry-demons
Geometry is the teacher
The images on my chest
They control the demons
I am the demon of demons


The above three songs are approximate translations of Marubo shamanic songs. They are are taken from Pedro N. Cesarino's ethnopoetic study 'ONISKA: A poética da morte e do mundo entre os Marubo da Amazônia ocidental', (a brilliant overview of the oratory tradition of the Marubo. I haven't actually read it (I still use my finger when reading a book in my native language) but it certainly looks like a well executed study that came recommended by Brazilian indigestina friends. The songs, or maybe spells, are created with a the help of online dictionaries, a bit of fantasy and my personal need for shamanic-goth texts. Ahhhhhhh!

I enjoyed making them and felt only a little bit redundant when looking at them again after two years. They were initially published at the excellent ZSWound blog for dysfunctional text.

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