zondag 3 juli 2011

In the news.....

If I would have to choose I would prefer playing scrabble with Ratko Mladic to speaking with a journalist but for obscure reasons (vanity? senility? weakness?) I walked through the heart of Amsterdam and the cryptoforests of Utrecht with journalist Annemiek Leclaire. The resulting article on current day psychogeographic activity is now available in newsstands throughout the country. I'm not absolutely sure what to think of it but the walks themselves were pleasant enough. Three peculiarities of the article stand out: 

1) Despite my advancing years and long receded hairline I find myself described as a 'boy'.
2) My last name is deemed too long or too offensive and is abbreviated all but once to H. an honour usually reserved for criminals.
3) In the sidebar to the story you can read my beginners guide to the drift that was published earlier in English on this blog.

Will let you know if the article appears online.

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