vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Hunting turtles with the Ka'apor:

The Ka'apor are an Amerindian people from the Brazilian pre-Amazon that are described by Francis Huxley (earlier) and the fabulous 'Footprints of the Forest' by William Balee (scandalously enough still uncovered here). They now have their own Youtube channel from which these shots and quotes are taken.    

The mushrooms: "Turtle's eat this, we call them turtle crackers."

"In the city food is waiting for you, you just have to order what you want."

"Turtle is here," he shouts while making a loud clapping sound by hitting the shell with his machete.

"The turtle is one of the most common foods for us," 

While carrying the turtle as an ad-hoc backpack: "We do not need to carry food because there is already food for us in the forest. That's why we don't carry food with us like you guys do, bringing food with you from the city to the forest. We don't do that because we are used to eating this way, and that's good because we like to walk in the woods and we like to eat the food we find there. That's what makes us happy."

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