vrijdag 12 november 2010

The Nth mind

When making associations from the starting-concept of the third  Nth landscape the first stop can only be Brion Gysin and William Burroughs' The Third Mind.   
It is not the history of a literary collaboration but rather the complete fusion in a praxis of two subjectivities, two subjectivities that metamorphose into a third; it is from this collusion that a new author emerges, an absent third person, invisible and beyond grasp, decoding the silence. The book is therefore the negation of the omnipresent and all powerful author—the geometrist who clings to his inspiration as coming from divine inspiration, a mission, or the dictates of language. It is the negation of the frontier that separates fiction from its theory.

The Nth landscape is the negation of the omnipresent and all powerful nature. Sounds great! 
You and Brion have described your collaborations over the years as the products of a "third mind." What's the source of this concept?

BURROUGHS:A book called Think and Grow Rich.
GYSIN: It says that when you put two minds together. . .
BURROUGHS: . . . there is always a third mind . . .
GYSIN : . . . a third and superior mind . . .

BURROUGHS: . . . as an unseen collaborator

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