donderdag 9 september 2010

Westraven Cryptoforest Psychogeography 6 June 2010

Some pictures taken during the Westraven Cryptoforest walk, with gratitude to Theun Karelse and Pieter Bol for additional presentations and to Titus for the KML.

A satellite image of Westraven from April 2005, what is at 
present the most enigmatic cryptoforest of all, is here a barren pockmarked field scarred by the petro-chemical complex. The yellow line shows our path as recorded by GPS. 

Unsuspected habitation, nobody was home. 
Gonzo botany, admiring the biodiversity, looking for edible species. 
This barely visible half-trodden path leads into a dark forest.
What remains of the shelter of a former occupant of the crypto-forests, waste suggests a construction date of summer 2005.

The crypto-forest reclaims the cobbled street.

Call in the Michelin-starred chefs: rocket salad, with a delicious bitter taste can be harvested near many major roads.

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