zondag 19 september 2010

The Crypto-Forests of Utrecht

The first principle of cryptoforestry is that you can't search for a cryptoforest, you can only find them serendipitously. The following pictures are from a large, well-used cryptoforest at the near end of the Amsterdamsestraatweg that I first came across when going to a meeting and lost my bearing (even though I had been to that address twice before) and spotted this spontaneous park. It is a triangular plot next to the busy Amsterdam Rijnkanaal and it's obviously popular. The entrance is still open, with high grass and only a few trees, the end, which offers no way to get out of it has young but high trees.

Maps Google image of the forest in 2005. Already it shows the billboard advertising a property
development scheme but the actual building is still fortcoming. 

The same billboard. 
A overgrown desire path leading to the end of the plot.
The entrance.
Clearly deeply eroded path.

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