vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Eskimo Psychogeography III

From Authentic Alaska come these three fragments of Eskimo forage psychogeography (earlier, earlier + Eskimo cookbook). They clearly create a connection between the necessities of subsistence and the joys of exploration.
Berry picking: "My dad give us a choice: pick berries or stay home, clean up and have dinner made by the time the berry pickers got home. I always opted to go out for the day and pick berries... Of course we would never go berry picking if it was raining or if no breeze was keeping the bugs away."

Searching for mouse caches: "While the idea behind looking for nivi is to gather food, searching for them also is relaxing for the mind, body, and soul. It gets you away from home for a while to enjoy the last days of fall before winter comes."

Searching for sourdock: "But before you think you can cut sourdocks and cook them make sure to look for them on a nice, windy day while the sky is bright. While you enjoy the fresh air, walk slowly and gaze at the tundra. Observe if there are any six-inch to four-foot-high, red, cone- shaped flowers, indicating sourdock."

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