zondag 25 december 2011

The stamp-sized Chico Mendez memorial garden

Here is what I found when I went to the local Rooie Rat (Red Rat) bookstore this week: Thing 001359 (Chico Mendez Mural Garden), a micro garden exhibit part of the excellent and ongoing 'The Grand Domestic Revolution' series initiated by Casco. I am wondering though if I am the only one to see the irony: you begin with Chico Mendez a Brazillian rubber tapper and union leader who gets murdered for his efforts to preserve the Amazon rainforest. After his death the man gets honoured with a New York community garden that was evicted. This garden is remembered as an avant-gardening classic and used as a source for the greening of cities everywhere, in this case it inspires a model of itself with a few unhealthy (not to mention unhappy) looking plants in a mushy bookstore in Utrecht. Is that the diminutive value of borrowed aura? Anyway: cryptoforestry salutes all things and all people that bring the Amazon to Utrecht. Hurrah! 

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