dinsdag 13 september 2011

Historical antecedent to the reforestation of Utrecht

Click to enlarge the above map. It's shows a plan for the future growth of Utrecht as proposed by nobleman, poet, Catholic and rich boy Everard Meyster in 1670. The Dom church is still firmly in the middle of the city, and the old part is clearly demarcated as a dirty stain surrounded by a newly gridded oval-shaped new town, luscious and rational. Even the new harbour in the North-east is a circle. 

Meyster also proposed to make the new Utrecht a reforested city with the planting of 10.000 trees. Based on the map that would mean that Utrecht would be surrounded by an planted forest. Imagine that sight of that after 350 years.
To the west you can see the 'moes grachten,' garden allotment alongside the canals, as created by former Mayor Moreelse who died in 1666. 

Map and information found in Stadblad. 

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