vrijdag 24 december 2010

Amazonian (non)art

According to a reviewer on amazon.com 'Arts of the Amazon' (Thames and Hudson, 1995), an overview of the personal collection of Adam Mekler, is THE book on the subject. My copy was remaindered by the Boston Public Library and purchased on ebay for a cheap 10 bucks, but now what? The main part is an excellent text by Peter G. Roe who has the decency to only talk about the objects (pottery, woodcarving, costumes, featherworks) on their own terms, trying to show you how the makers of these things see them. What is art? In this case art are those things some rich fucker can purchase, put on display, in order to feel special and have something interesting to say at parties. The word 'art' has nothing do with these objects whose meaning has no equivalent in our own society. Also see.

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