vrijdag 6 september 2013

Plants in Park Bloeyendael.

In an effort to further hone my plant recognition skills I have taken on a new "project": Park Bloeyendael. This is a volunteer-run wilderness park very near to my house. What's nice about Bloeyendael is that it is relatively obscure: there is hardly anyone and one can bike on the foothpaths without disturbing anybody. HA!

The park is home to many interesting plants that you will not find very often in the rest of town so I have high hopes. 

See the full list in Selborne.
Here are few pictures of plants that deserve special notice, some are still nameless. Can u help?? 

Only one found: must be rare?!

Blaassilene / bladder campion

Adder wortel

All of these were marked as shown, so my powerful faculties of deduction say: it must be rare.

Engelwortel/angelica (everyone agrees?)

5-star plant ??

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  1. The fourth one looks like an orchid. Probably that's the reason it's marked.

    The adderwortel brings back many youth memories when I still lived in Czechoslovakia. Somehow this plant made a big impression on me in Jachymov.