zondag 28 juli 2013

Strange duck in the park [edited]

I went to the park to feed my old bread to the ducks and coots in the park. It was then that we saw the stranger above. I think it is a large duck but it might be a small goose. (?). I have never seen it before and I was looking for it two days later but no it wasn't there anymore. Gone forever. I am not surprise because it was clearly no competition in the bread run to the ferocious competition of the coots. Let alone to the savage wild ducks, the crows and the gulls. It walked very high on its legs and it lacked the agility to move its neck with any kind of speed. Goodbye friendly passenger, we enjoyed your brief presence.

Have studied duck websites but no name.  

Note: Two people rightly suggested this bird as the Egyptian goose. A bird that was introduced as a pet but escaped. For a good entry on the bird, in Dutch read this.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It's an:
    There are many of them and their numbers keep on growing. It's the Japanese knot weed of the bird world.

  2. Yes, Egypt goose... I have seen a few of these here in California, I initially though it was some kind of eider duck. Didn't realize they were invasive - I'll remember that at Christmas dinner!

  3. My daughter saw this photo (we live in Florida) and proclaimed "duck , duck, duck, goose!"
    "Duck Duck Goose" is a children's circle game. Whoever is selected as the Goose must chase the caller. If Goose cannot catch the caller before completing the circle then Goose becomes the new caller. Is there a similar game that Dutch children play?