donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Strange Berlin 2nd hand bookshop grid map

In a TV documentary on Hendrik Lenstra, the Dutch mathematician, the man travels to Berlin to deliver the Euler lecture. His main concern in Berlin however seems to be to visit as many 2nd hand bookshops he can (he collects old book because they smell better than modern ones). He prepares his visit carefully by plotting shops on a map to find those hotshots where there are several shops in close proximity. They way he does this puzzles me though. As a mere mortal I would find all shops on a topographic map. Lenstra has a different technique: he creates a grid matching the Letters and Numbers from the map register (shop one in E13, shop two in F8 and so on) and then draws lines to connect the E and 13. The result, to me, looks a bit confusing.

1 opmerking:

  1. Great pic, is it a graphix pun? The picselated grid, hand, and your reflection overlaying it all.
    Lenstra's version of solving his TSP problem. He could probably recall the streets via mnemonics. Using his mental map and diagram to formulate the most efficient route.