vrijdag 14 september 2012

Today Joe and Hannah would be refused at the border as unwanted aliens

Charles Hall with Joe and Hannah

"In 1853 a British whaling captain had persuaded an Eskimo couple, Tookolito and Ebierbing,to accompany him back to London. Over two years they had learned English, had adopted the mannerisms, dress and religion of their host nation and had become minor celebrities. They had been presented to Queen Victoria and had won the hearts of a society that revelled, as no other, in converting others to its own ways. When the novelty wore off they were sent to New York, where they created no less of a sensation. Then they were dropped back on Baffin Island complete with new names ('Joe' and 'Hannah') and a new wardrobe, to be forgotten save by passing whalers who sold them articles of western civilization to which they had become accustomed. " - 'Ninety Degrees North', Fergus Fleming, image from Northern Exposures]

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