donderdag 1 december 2011

A weedpatch is a place of wonder and discovery

Somewhere something must have gone wrong because otherwise this empty plot would have building on it , but now it is much better. The top image shows one corner of the field and you also see a mature tree on the left. At the bottom of the tree you can see a bunch of saplings and you also see the same saplings in the middle of the first picture and in full view in the second and third pictures. There are so many of them and they all so slim that they become a light-refracting curtain. I have tried looking up the tree in my new book on indigenous plants but it isn't in there; it must be a foreigner with ways different than our own. 

Cynics will tell you it is just a field but they are wrong: it's a place of wonder with all sorts of edge effects. This field is only in it's first stages, the ground is mostly sandy in the middle but the weeds are coming, and I spotted the first signs of the blackberry, the Cortes of Cryptoforest, right at an interesting point of its history: the first upward move (see the last three pictures).

The corner tree from the first image from a different angle.
Notice the dog foot prints
A lovely edge forest

Mature tree with trail
Blackberry snaking through the underbrush
Blackberry becoming orchestratectic

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  1. Is the tree European Rowan?