vrijdag 9 december 2011

Psychogeography: the zine!

The Psychogeographic Field Reports publication is here! 

There is a proper page with links, statistics, and a exclusive video report on Preston here. I would like to add that the zine contains a varied range of approaches and styles, that it's a great read and that the crappy design adds to the pleasure by not detracting attention from the natural psychogeographic flamboyance that is bursting from every page. 
Thanks to all those who submitted material: you are superstars. 

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  1. Congratulations!
    Yesterday I was thinking about buying this book and starting myself:
    But now I see that you're already doing it, so I'll just sit back and enjoy.

    Note: unrelated to post above:

    As a weird kind of Christmas Greetings I put the "Psychogeography Bingo" on my weblog. Maybe you are amused ... maybe it's not worth looking at. There are a few - extremely modest - prizes to be won: