dinsdag 27 december 2011

The fungi in the rose bed

All the creeps come out in autumn.

What are fungi? they are the foot soldiers of a wiry kingdom of slime and mould, an ancient outbreak DNA line prospering where the species of our world perish. A few desirable species apart nobody likes the fungi: the remind us of the soggier aspects of death.  

These fungi I spotted in an otherwise well kept rose garden. What is interesting is that 1) they grew in a line 2) they seem to infect the roots of the rose plants.

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  1. It may be possible that this is just a part of a circle of fungi. A "fairy ring". THey may be parasitizing on the roseroots, but it also may be a symbiotic relationship (like between Fly Agaric (amanita) and birch trees). I'm looking forward to more fungal research by you!

    A book I have not seen for a long time:
    Champignons in de Jordaan