donderdag 28 april 2011

Foraging in .walk: 8 May Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Modern foragers in action, Mr Boskoi included.
I'm very happy to announce the forage expedition Theun Karelse of Boskoi and me will organize as part of the Middle Kingdom of Weeds festival. As a little teaser (or warning) I can announce that the .walk will be haunted.
Be part of mapping the energetic value of the Dutch urban landscape; how much energy does it take for semi-skilled contemporary foragers to gather wild foods and what energetic value is contained in nearby urban environments? On May 8th the Middle Kingdom of Weeds festival features a forage psychogeographic expedition that will starts at 10.30 from Station Sloterdijk, Amsterdam. Using .walk algorithms this foraging expedition will map and explore the caloric potential of the area. 

Team members include:
- a geographer, who maps the edibles on Boskoi
- a timekeeper, who maps the times spent walking and harvesting
- spotters and harvesters

On return the wild foods will be weighed to make a calculation of the energy harvested in the expedition.

On the basis of this a map is made of the caloric value along the walk, the energy budget of the group and the best foraging algorithms.

This expedition is open to all.

Hosted by Wilfried Hou Je Bek (Cryptoforesty) and Theun Karelse (Boskoi).
.walk in brainfuck infograph by Petr

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