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The Fromond List [Herbys Necessary For A Gardyn]

"Our medieval ancestors actively encouraged weeds in their vegetable plots. The Fromond List, compiled by Surrey landowner Thomas Fromond in about 1525, is a list of “herbys necessary for a gardyn”. He recommends many of today’s weeds for sauces, salads, soups and so on." (source).

Here is the full list in original spelling, (source). The obvious thing to note is that the notion of a weed did not exist.
Herbys Necessary For A Gardyn By Letter

R. Rapes (Brassica Napns), Radyche, Rampsons (Allium ursinum), Rapouncez (Campanula Ranunculus), Rokettf (Hespcris matronalis), Rewe.

S. Sauge, Saverey, Spynache, Sede-wale (Valeriana pyrenaica), Scalaceh (? Sinapis arvensis), Smalache (Apium graveolens), Sauce alone (Erysimum Alliaria), Selbestryne, Syves (Allium Schceno-prasum), Soreft, Sowthistelt, Skabiose, Selia, Stycadose (Lavandula Sta'chas), Stanmarch (? Smyrnium Olusatrum).

T. Tyme, Tansey.

V. Vyolettf, Wermode, Wormesede (Erysimum chciran-thoides), Verveyfi.  
Of The Same Herbes For Potage

Borage, Langdebefe, Vyolettf, Malowes, Marcury, Daunde-lyoh Avence, Myntf, Sauge, Percely, Goldes, Mageron, Fenelt, Carawey, Rednettyff, Oculus Christi, Daysys, Chervelf, Lekez, Colewortes, Rapez, Tyme, Cyves, Betes, Alysaundr', Letyse, Betayn, Columbyn, Alia, Astralogia rotunda, Astralogia longa, Basillican, Dylle, Deteyfi, Egrymon, Hertestong, Radiche, White pyprr, Cabagez, Sedewale, Spynache, Coliaundr' Foothistyll, Orage, Cartabus, Lympons, Nepte, Clarey, Pacience.  
Of The Same Herbes For Sauce

Hertes tonge, Sorett, Pelytory, Pelytory of Spayh, Detey, Vyolettf. Pcrcely, Myntf.  
Also Of The Same Herbes For The Copp

Cost, Costmary, Sauge, Isope, Rose mary, Gyttofr', Goldez, Clarey, Mageron, Rue.*  
Also Of The Same Herbes For A Saladc

Buddus of Stanmarche, Vyolette flourez, Percely, Redmyntf, Syves, Cresse of Boleyn, Purselah, Ramsons, Calamyntf, Prime Rose buddus, Dayses, Rapounses, Daundelyon, Rokette, Red netteft, Borage flourez, Croppus of Red Fenett, Selbestry", Chykynwede.  
Also Herbez To Stylle

Endyve, Red Rose, Rose mary, Dragans, Skabiose, Ewfrace, Wermode, Mogwede, Betayii, Wylde Tansey, Sauge, Isope, Ersesmart (Polygonum Hydropiper).

  * Rue is added in fainter ink.

  * " Seynt Mar' Garlek " is added by another hand.
Also Herbes For Savour And Beaute

Gyllofr' gentyle, Mageron gentyle, Basyle, Palma Christi, Stycadose, Meloncez, Arcachaffe, Scalaceley, Philyppendula, Popyroyatr, Germaundr', Cowsloppus of Jerusalem, Verveyh, Dyll, Seynt Mar' Garlek.*
Also Rotys For A Gardyn

Persenepez, Turnepez, Radyche, Karettes, Galyngale, Tryngez, Saffron.

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