dinsdag 18 juni 2013

Qaikus for wild plants


The supermarket sells you
The second one of you is free
Here you are priceless


Too big for your own good
In high summer
Go out of my way

Yellow Corydalis

Your flowers droop
But you grow high on buildings

Male Fern

Where it's dark & damp
There I find you
Evoking forest 


Everywhere you can be found
Just like humans
But benign

Common Foxglove

For a witch herb
You seem very optimistic
In a cardiac arrest kinda way

Giant Hogweed

Eradicated & destroyed
But I love you
Like I would love a city tiger

Ginkgo Biloba

For years I ignored you
You are just like any other tree
But not really


Little viola - garden escape
I admire your tenacity
And no more


Kokkie dug you up your roots and had me taste it
Your name is apt
Your Dutch name


We never met but I saw you on TV
A chef using you
Never progresses in the BBC's Great British Menu

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