maandag 9 juli 2012

A GPS night drift

After my complaint in a previous post about my GPS's failure to capture my postal rounds with the accuracy I was hoping for, three readers came up with possible explanations. I still think it has to do with recording rates (there is more time between 'clicks' than it takes me to walk in and out of a front garden) rather than any technical or strategical reason. But I was intrigued by the suggestion of GPS drift, the phenomenon of a GPS device recording movement while it is just laying motionless on a table somewhere. So overnight I left my device next to the window recording while I was sleeping and the above shows its paths, a random walk with one outlier travelling 588 meters. The squares blame technical inaccuracies, but I prefer another explanation: the earth is playing while the satellites are obeying the routines of the military-industrial complex.

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