woensdag 4 januari 2012

Gary Snyder's motto for the children

stay together
learn the flowers
go light
There are italicised recommendations Gary Snyder makes at the end of his poem For the Children. Scot Slovic in The Etiquette of Freedom explains them as such:
Stay Together: "Pay attention to the importance of community. Work with each other. Even if you have opposing perspectives, even if you come from different cultural traditions, find a way to work together to stay together."

Learn the Flowers: "Notice you surroundings and learn about them. To me 'learn' implies actively studying something -  not just learning what it looks like on a superficial level, but actually engaging in an energetic and deliberate effort of study."

Go Light: "Pay attention to you actual lifestyle, to the practical aspects of life. Try to have a light impact on the planet and on the cultural communities that you are intersecting with.'Go Light' means ' live carefully'".

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