woensdag 14 september 2011

Overgrown football field

For 8 days in two weeks I passed an overgrown football field behind the old city archive building that is now being converted into apartments. It isn't much but I got great pleasure from it because It was the only thing I saw that wasn't kept to the standards of the middle-class dual-income oh-so-successful-in-life their-dog-never-bites a-second-house-in-Spain people who can afford to buy a house there. 
It is just an overgrown football field, but, as always, when you actually bother to walk into it you quickly see that there is no uniformity. The edges were overgrown, the grass was sometimes like a dense mat sometimes scarce, the trees were planted in orderly lines, the blind walls created shadows that effected the way the vegetation grew below. The picture above shows the way light and dark are architectural properties. In the grass a single specimen of a plant stood out with bright colours. 

With plastic and the chemical fabrication of colour we take bright colours for granted but when you look immerse yourself for long enough in the non-plastic world of neglect you will see why the appreciation of colour in a bird or a flower is a sensation lost in desensitisation. 

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