vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

The graph where psychogeography and the drift do not meet

In the New Theater of Operations within Culture (1958) the "construction of situations" is done through "experimental behaviour" (of which is "drift" is one) and "unitary urbanism". Unitary urbanism is enacted through "psychogeography", "situationist architecture" and "d├ętournement of prefabricated elements". Experimental behaviour, psychogeography and d├ętournement of prefabricated elements will bring about "permanent play".

Note: architecture (situationist or not) will never get you near permanent play.

Note: unitary urbanism nowhere implies entails experimental behaviour.
Note: psychogeography and the drift, though presented on the same line as sibling disciplines together situationist architecture, do not meet.

Reproduced for Simon Sadler's The Situationist City.

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