zondag 14 augustus 2011

Fight the Google Jugend

Fight the Google Jugend
is my Guide to Kulchur, my ABC of Reading, my attempt to create a vision of the future as one where progress equals anything that lead to an increase of cultural diversity and reforested high urbanism. Elliot Weinberger writes: "many of the golden ages of a national literature have been, not at all coincidentally, periods of active and prolific translation." This is probably why literature is stone death. Modern day translation culture is a mirror palace that reinforces the values of a global free market culture in your own language: Ezra Pound arrived at Chinese culture as a vast and untapped resource of an independent high culture, we, on the other hand turn to China to find a despotic government hostile to freedom of speech: not a model but a bucket of vomit where even Idols is too dangerous to be left to the televote. Fuck Marx, Fuck Deleuze, Fuck Foucault, Fuck all those unreadable university bullshitters with their baby wrinkled hands, tell me about the man and woman who discovered the way to prepare manioc.

Fight the Google Jugend
is an endless montage of voices, there are more footnotes than text, this entire blog (especially these posts) is a series of footnotes to this text, this text is a footnote to this blog. For a note on previous publication.

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  1. You got it!
    Excellent posts and still updating - thumbs up.
    I have a notice for you to the Burroughs quote in your textbase about foraging psychogeography:
    the quote (i thought it was from robert anton wilson?) is in fact out of the movie Frankenstein.

    Get your projects on!