zaterdag 11 september 2010

Pictures of the Kreen Akrore (the Panará)

Pictures taken from Adrian Cowell's 'The tribe that hides from man' (Pimlico, 1995), an account of the first attempt of the Villas Boas brothers, in 1972) to contact the isolated Panará tribe before the miners and road workers do. 

Panara tree carvings of a tortoise and a snake.

Unusually shaped Panara garden.
Shopping list of isolated indians (not the Kreen): imitations of an axe, scissor, needle and knife. 

On the Hunting trail.

Bemotire, a white Brazilian captured as a boy by the Kayapo.

An Cinta Larga Indian straw wig resembling that of the Portugese invaders a number of centuries ago.  

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