donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Food Map of Britain in Map your Recipe [Meta-recipematics]

More Meta-recipematics with Map your Recipe

James Martin, tv-chef and presenter of BBc's Saturday Kitchen Live, has a new program called "Food Map of Britain". I haven't seen it but I have taken the ingredients of all 21 recipes given at the website and fed them into Map your Recipe. 

It helps that the list includes mains and desserts but the range of ingredients is really quite spectacular. I think it is a good illustration of the open-minded attitude of contemporary British food and its willingness to incorporate ingredients and flavours from all known cuisines. 

The only major area missing is the Brazil-Paraguay centre from which things like manioc, peanuts and pineapple originate. 

I wonder if a list of recipes from someone like Heston Blumenthal would show an equal amount of diversity. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. They were a colonial empire so of course they were "open minded" in incorporating new ingredients. Though open minded is not the best adjecyive to describe British colonial behavior.

  2. "the range of ingredients is really quite spectacular" indeed, especially considering that there is only one ingredient potentially from British soil. Makes you wonder about the phrase "willingness to incorporate ingredients" - incorporating in what exactly?