dinsdag 14 juni 2011

The hogweed imperial guard

The giant hogweed (or pigweed) grows abundantly when given the chance, which is rarely. The field of saplings blogged about earlier were all exterminated a few weeks later. When wanting to do U-turn I drove up a dead-end street with my bike and what did I encounter? A small slope (3 meters deep and 40 meters in length (?)) tucked away between a busy road and a wide ditch taken over by the hogweeds in all their arrogant and otherworldly splendour. They look like a squadron of Daleks or an invasive army of imperial guards, majestic in their intergalactic colonizing prowess. With a standing height of 2+ meters the hogweed is a plant that behaves like a tree. My shabby photographic skills do not do justice to their towering presence. In a country where all nature, plants and animals, are harmless and benign the giant hogweed is the Dutch equivalent to a hungry bear roaming at large.   

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