vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Out pubic hair exhales delicate fragrances.

Final phase of initiation.
A chanted dialogue between shaman and novice; the shaman is guiding the hekura into the chest of the novice, the novice is accepting them, the process takes weeks and loads of psychedelic substances are consumed for the duration. Taken from Jacques Lizot's 'Tales of the Yanomami'. Earlier: Jivaro chant, Marubo chant.
Tiri, tiri, tiri! They are advancing towards you.
- The hekura are going to merge into me.
Here are the cannibal spirits: the Moon Spirit, the Night Spirit!
The sides of the mountain are peopled with macaws.
 - The sides of the mountain are peopled with macaws.
We are dancing for you, our earlobes wear jaguar eyelashes.
We are the wind: listen to it blowing against your chest.
- I hear the wind knocking against my chest.
The blue-tinted water of fall topples into emptiness and its roar is deafening.
Out pubic hair exhales delicate fragrances.
The Toucan Woman Spirit is dancing toward you with a rustling of palm leaves.
- The Toucan Woman Spirit advances towards me.
They are bringing for you all the magic objects.
Diadems of purple feathers are waving on their legs.
The bluebird takes its flight.
The rocks sparkle with unknown lights.
Garlands of crimson beads hang from our pierced lips.
I see the Jaguar Spirit readying itself for you.
The Macaw Spirit is near.
- But I am overcome with dizziness, my mind is failing.
- The hekura are carrying me, and I see on their backs the slender tongues of toucans that they have tied one to the other.
My son, do not stay prone on the ground, unmoving and silent before them!

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