dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Emily Carr had vision

A few years I visited a retrospective on the Canadian painter Emily Carr, who is best known for her attempts to create a native (as in vernacular, not as a ethnic attribute) artistic vision on Canadian nature. At the time I was most annoyed by three pretentious art-snobs, all woman, who were mocking here amateurish style and awkward colour palette. Negativity always comes cheap. What struck me about Emily Carr is that I could really get, sometimes even borrow, the feeling she was trying to capture and the awesome spectacle of nature that she wanted to record. And I think that her unrefined technique actually communicated her vision and intents better than a more accomplished technician could ever have. I was especially struck by a painting of a totem-pole popping up in the landscape which I thought represented the pleasant feeling of arriving in a village after a horrible week-long journey through the wilderness. 


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